Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh me, Oh my, It is September.

Can I just say what a FABULOUS Sunday I had today. This morning early, My friend Zoe and I took the train to a place called Howth and completed a 10 km coastal walk. I had heard that it was popular and well worth a go, so off we went. There were a few walks to choose from but the 10km had the most coast so we thought 'let's do it'. We spent the whole day walking along gorgeous cliffs with the ocean and Dublin skyline on our left and pink and purple heathlands of the cliffs on our right. We climbed down the cliffs to get to a little beach where we found lots of rock pools and a cave. We did some rock climbing and ate our delicious fudge (bought from the market that morning) on a huge rock with the ocean lapping below us at our feet. I thoroughly enjoyed today. It was so nice to be out in the beautiful weather and walking along seeing the flora and enjoying the landscape made me reminiscent of my outdoor ed days.

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  1. it looks beautiful love....nice to get out and get a bit of 'nature'xxx