Monday, December 16, 2013

The train to Greystones.

My heart is a little bit broken tonight. I just had the loveliest final weekend away with my beautiful Cousins. I had a great time with them despite the fact that Ireland decided to make this weekend the perfect weekend to introduce me to to typical Irish weather.... Rain... and more rain, so I did not see much of Sligo. However, to be honest with you, it was time spent with my cousins that I wanted more and that's what I got.  So today, being Monday, I finally had to say good bye and I just feel terrible. As I stood at the train station waiting for my connecting train, I just wanted to hop on the train on the other platform that was Greystones bound. I know that this wasn't my last journey to see them, but it is for now. It's my last journey as I am this person now, right in this time and I know that there will be no journey to see them next weekend or the following. The next time I visit them (or they visit me), Noah will have a voice and Eve will be able to count to a hundred and know a thousand new words. It's exciting to think of what I will be like then. Who more will I be and who more will they be. It just breaks my heart that in the mean time, I don't get to see them grow like I have the past seven months.

It has been the most wonderful thing getting to know my family. My Dad has never had that luxury as great as me. My Grandfather is English and moved to Australia to live, so my Dad has parts of his family all over the world- Cathy is my Dad's cousin., However because all my Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all live in Australia, I don't know what it's like to NOT know my family-my life has always felt full on the family front. But coming here, coming to the other side of the world to meet more, to get to know more family filled a little a hole in me that I never knew was there until I found it being filled. Before I was just connected to these people through blood, through family ties but now we are connected by something much more stronger than that and that's friendship, that's love.
I am so so appreciative and grateful for my time with them, I have am so thankful for them letting me into their home every other weekend, for including me in their lives, for spoiling me and for helping me out. I never thought when I decided that Ireland would be my new place of residence that my Cousins would become a staple part of my life. Seeing them every other weekend, always felt familiar, always felt comforting, it always felt like coming home and I'm just so devastated to leave them. Time will fly and I know I will find myself back again, but all the while I will just miss them all so so much.

Cathy, Noah and I - crappy quality... the one weekend I forget my camera! and missing Ciaran!

Miss Eve and I- this little girl is so bright and such a cheeky miss. 

Mr Noah- the cutest boy, I will miss our snuggles

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