Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aupair World

Hiya from Ireland!

It's been about two weeks since I got to Ireland and what a fast, happy, fun and busy two weeks it has been!!
I have settled into a lovely family where I'm learning the ropes of looking after their three girls. It's been challenging but it has been fun! The girls are so sweet and very good at helping me along when I'm unsure of where something is or something about their routine. It's exhausting though... I find myself completely knackered by the end of the day. I think that's also because my body is coming out of holiday mode. I'm looking forward to the coming months when I have developed a good routine and everything feels like second nature to me.
I had my first Irish walk to school rain storm! I do two walks to school everyday (one needs to be picked up at 1.30 and the other at 2.30) and I (mainly, the girls had good rain jackets) got drenched!! So needless to say, in the following days I went to Dublin and bought myself a good rain jacket- an investment in my future I like to believe. Oh, and I got drenched walking to the bus stop to go to Dublin and walking home! Cheers, Irish weather!

Just few days after I arrived I got up early on a Sunday morning and took the the bus to the airport to meet some English rellie's that took me back to Cathy and Ciaran's who are my Irish cousins! I spent a beautiful day (literally, no rain in site and lovely sun!!) with all these relatives that I'd mostly never met but heard so much about. It was just the best day, such an opportunity that normally wouldn't come! and I'm off to Cathy and Ciaran's in a fortnight, so here's hoping there's many more lovely catch ups to come! 

I have met a few others Aupair's in my estate/area- I think there's probably about 5 of us but I've only really met two. They are lovely and so so helpful! It's a shame that they'll be leaving in a few months, but I intend to enjoy my time with them. We have been to Zumba classes- I'm not very good at it so thankfully the last one was tonight. Friday night we shall have a movie night also.
One of the girls went with me to Dublin. We just shopped, no touristy stuff. I was finally excited to just shop because now I am based and not going anywhere (with all my stuff) again for a while so it was nice to have a little spree. I've done some touristy stuff in Dublin before so I probably won't do too much more but I'm excited to go there more often and get to know the city!

I keep having to tell myself 'this is it Charlie, this is it' because here I am doing something I have always dreamed about. I'm finally at that point where I'm not saving to go oversea's or saying "I'm going to be an aupair in Ireland" because I'm at that point and it all feels so normal.
And I know it sounds silly or simple to have a 'life long dream' to be an aupair because don't get me wrong I like to learn, I like education and the school part of my life will come around again. But my Dad always told me 'you can do anything you want with your life, you can be anything' and so I will. So I've decided that there are things I must do, I must experience before other things because that's what makes me happy!
 My only problem now is focusing on this dream and not thinking about others- I have a tendency to want to do everything at once!

.......I wonder what Canada is like??!? ... (I'm just kidding.. kind of)


  1. Oh Charlie... SO happy for you... your post just makes me smile... living your dream... and doing what makes you happy... you're right... that is exactly what it is all about.... good on you... keep enjoying...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Thanks Jenny, I surely will keep enjoying :)