Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Irish Kids love sunscreen!

I've been told that  it seems every time Bank Holiday weekend rolls around there is always sunny weather. The first weekend I had in Ireland didn't break tradition and neither does it seem will this weekend. I have had lovely days of sunny weather- I haven't looked at the temperature gauge for fear of disappointment but non the less I have been able to dry my clothes outside and not fear a torrential downpour from out of the blue. These sunny days could not have picked better timing because about a week ago, after I had come home from a lovely weekend in Greystones with my Cousins (I will get to that in a minute) I was hit late at night with a bout of what we thought was food poisoning but considering recent events we suspect it might of been a vomiting bug (charming right?). Never in my life have I had food poisoning before and let me tell you... never in my life have I missed my Mum more then at 4am while hunched over the toilet bowl (it's a compliment really Mum!). I put on a brave face the next day- despite little sleep, but only managed a half day. Luckily I am working for a super lovely family who were very kind and understanding of the whole situation and I am very appreciative for them. I'm feeling better now but I am a bit more selective in my food choices.

I have spent some time at my Irish Cousins. It was a weekend of just chatting, cuddling the gorgeous baby and eating good cake. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am so glad that I am here and can get to know this side of my family.

I have just come back from a blissful weekend in London. My fav comedian Wil Anderson was doing a show at Soho Theater, so a few weeks ago I casually looked at flights and found super cheap ones. Just like that I booked tickets to his show, flights and hostel all for no more then 200 bucks! SCORE. It was nice to be back in London. I really enjoyed the show, I found it so good to sitting in a room full of Aussies and laughing along to some Australian humor. I also got myself a ticket to The Lion King. I have always dreamed about seeing a musical in London because it is so renowned. The set and costumes for the Lion King were incredible and I was just so in awe that the talent wasn't just in the singing and dancing but in the mime and the movement of the puppetry work that the performers had to do!
The rest of my time was just spent wandering the streets and navigating the underground. I had beautiful weather so I ate my lunch along the Thames and watched the world go by!
I also unexpectedly caught up with a Mexican Exchange student that I knew while I was in DK. We had dinner together on Sunday night. The catch up was just another one of those moments where I realized what great friendships I made on exchange. I saw Maria for 2 hours and I hadn't seen her in 3 years and we just chatted like normal, like we see each other every day. There was no awkwardness and it did not feel weird at all that we were sitting in London eating pizza and talking about our friends. What I'm trying to say is, that it made me realize that while these friendships are connected through DK but they don't just solely belong in DK. Because there are some friendships that you lose because a place that once connected you doesn't anymore eg, school, work, sporting team.

I also had the scariest experience I have ever had on a plane before. Flying doesn't scare me at all, I just try not to think about how the plane stays up too hard because then I get a bit antsy. However, we had a training Lady (yay!!) Pilot and coming into land was the most hair raising experience ever. We had a bit of turbulence coming down- which is normal considering the cloud but we hit the tarmac so fast and so quick and then swang from side to side so much I was almost on the verge of holding the little old lady's hand that was sitting next to me. I was also literally trying to think if I had my travel insurance number in my purse! But we landed fine and I jumped off that plane so quick!

Now I am back to reality. Beautiful reality might I add. The weather is glorious. I am actually guttered I have no summer clothes just some dresses, however I am little scared to buy some because last time I tempted fate like that it poured down with the rain the next day! but sun is sun, and my poor little white legs will take what they can get! Anywho, reality, back to work before I jetset off to Berlin on friday to see my lovely bestie. But I am happy in my new little reality and I love that its the little things like sunny days, a cup of tea and a book at the end of a day or the girls learning something I have taught them that makes me happy, that makes me smile. Because, while life is complicated, most of the time we make it complicated when things are quite simple and I feel like we live in an age now where our happiness is gauged or determined by the size of something and that size normally is large. For example a large gesture or living large but really it's the little things everyday that give us happiness and it's nice to get back to that.
It's nice to smell the roses.


  1. oh lovey im so glad you having a wonderful time :) im glad I didt know about that plane...how scary ((( hope you have a wonderful time in berlin and it is really the little things that gives us the most pleasure :) love you xoxoxo

  2. Another beautiful post Charlie... London sounds like it was fabulous... what an amazing adventure you are on... keep enjoying... and yes it is the little things x

    Jenny ♥