Friday, June 14, 2013

Here's three things about Ireland I learnt in twenty minutes while walking home from the bus stop.

1. Irish weather doesn't appreciate you making predictions about what the weather will be. Here's how I know this. Today I bought three pairs of shorts because over the past two weeks we have had 20 degree sunny weather, and for the past two weeks all I have wanted was a pair of shorts. Today I buy the shorts and as I step off the bus for my 20 minute walk home... the rain pours. Drenching me and my bags of shorts.
2. Paper shopping bags are useless in Rainstorms.  I've always thought. Good work Ireland, good work using paper bags that are probably a bit more environmentally friendly then the old placcy bag. However what I discovered today is that paper bags are useless when the rain pours. I got half way home when I looked down to realize all I was holding was the handle of the paper bag and no clothes in sight. After the hole I have put in my credit card from shopping today, I couldn't just ignore it so I walked back only to find said shorts on the side of the track in mud!
3. Irish people are extremely friendly. As I was walking home a man, who also got off the bus, shared his umbrella with me. I was wearing my rain jacket and I didn't spend 100 euro's on it for nothing so I declined. But he insisted that my things shouldn't get wet, at the time I thought how silly it was because, they are just clothes I will wash them... but after the paper bag debacle I understand that he probably wasn't referring to my clothes but the object that was holding them! So not only did this lovely man offer his umbrella when I was perfectly clothed to handle a little rain, he also lent me a plastic bag when I realized I had lost half my clothes while we were walking!

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  1. lol lovey I hope you found them and got home ok ..xxxxx