Friday, July 12, 2013

Time eats everything up.

And so here rolls round another Friday. Tonight I spent my 11th Friday in Ireland sitting on the beach eating my dinner and watching the world go by whilst my ice cream (for dessert) melted because Ireland seems to be having some sort of heat wave. We have had high 20's all week, which doesn't sound like much for an Australian girl, but I will take sun and heat where I can get it (gives me a chance to get those shorts out I so boldly purchased just a month back) and I am not ashamed to admit that I have been roasting this past week!
So tonight, as I sat and watched the world go by from my little spot on the sand a thought crossed my mind. This is my life now. Life is the same on the other side of the world. I forgot that feeling of finding normalcy in a foreign country, of finding a home in the people around you and where ever it is that your feet are planted. I have a nice little routine here for working and travelling and I feel content and challenged everyday which satisfies me.

So what have I been up to lately in past month that I haven't updated this blog.
A few weeks ago I said 'Goodbye' to one of the Aupair girls who was working in my estate. I didn't know her for very long, but I have made a lovely friendship with her (and another girl who is leaving soon!) and I'm very excited to be going up North for her wedding in a few weeks!

I have spent a lovely weekend at my Cousins. The sun was out so we went off to an old Manor called Powerscourt that has beautiful gardens and as usual we had a lovely coffee and a bun! The baby boy is growing up and I just cant wait for cuddles every time I head down to see them.

Last weekend I decided to take a Paddywagon tour and go up north to the Giants Causeway and do the Carrik a Rede Rope bridge. Paddywagon do such a lovely tour and I came away from the day totally exhilarated. I was lucky that the weather was so beautiful but also the landscape that I got to see was spectacular. I love the cliffs along the coast and the formations formed from the old volcanic action (the causeway) was just incredible. We had a really great tour guide/driver too who gave us a really eye opening history lesson on the happenings Ireland and Northern Ireland over the years. I am definitely going to look into doing more tours with them!  and the day was spent in wonderful company with my lovely Italian Aupair friend!

The girls are on School holidays now, they have been for the past two weeks ( I think?!) Despite the fact that it rained the first day of holidays, I so far, have had a really good time with them. I was a bit worried about how the holidays would go, seeing as I just got the hang of school routine. But the girls are great. Sure they have their moments, but they are kids and they are growing and learning so you can't hold it against them. The days are long but next thing I know Friday comes around and it's time for the weekend.

Time is eating away at the edges of my time here. I feel like I go to sleep and wake up weeks later. I think Time is the thing I fear most in this world. That there isn't enough time to do everything and that it just comes and goes.  I don't want the seconds to multiply and become my past. I want to keep them right here, right here in my present.

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  1. just got take time to live in the now I guess and enjoy everything life has to your post and so happy you are content :)

    can you put some photos up , the places you went were mor xoxoxoxo